Mr. Dhaliwal believes that the youth of today is full of energy. If this energy is channelized towards a positive direction the youth becomes an asset for the society. However, the unemployed youth indulges in various undesirable activities & becomes a liability. As such to give this objective a practical shape, he puts in all efforts to arrange jobs for the students. With his personal interest and the efforts of his team, he has been successful in getting job offers in MNCs and other leading companies not only for the students of his own colleges but also for thousands of students of other colleges of Punjab, Haryana, HP, Chandigarh & other states. Mr. Dhaliwal has visited a number of countries including USA, UK, and Canada with a view to interact with the residents of these countries and know about their living conditions, culture, life style and other habits and also to explore the placement opportunities of our youth in these countries.